Sisters and their Ministries

Be sure to check here for upcoming special events sponsored by the Sisters. We also announce special events being held by the ministries we sponsor. You may find a tag sale or a concert. Perhaps the ministry is kicking off a fundraiser to raise awareness and money in support of a crying need in the neighborhood. Whatever the occasion, you can be sure that the event is another way we support and try to enrich the lives of others.

Welcome to the House of Bread in Hartford

We serve more than just soup.
We offer food, shelter, housing and education with compassion, dignity and respect.

The House of Bread in Hartford, Connecticut, has been helping the most needy in the Hartford community. With day-old donuts and coffee, two inspirational nuns, Sr. Maureen and Sr. Theresa, vowed to help the hungry and homeless in Hartford’s North End. The House of Bread’s doors opened to 17 guests at 227 High Street on February 4, 1980. Today, House of Bread serves nearly 2,000 people every day.

House of Bread offers Food, Housing & Shelter, Education, Medical/Psychological, and Legal Services. The ministry sponsored by The House of Bread has touched the lives of tens of thousands of men, women and children.

The House of Bread provides urban ministry to the economically disadvantaged in the Hartford area. Simplicity, dignity and respect are characteristics of our services to the hungry, homeless and needy population.

The House of Bread creates two pasta sauces all its own

House of Bread Chef and Director of Operations Matt Beard has worked for months to develop a marinara sauce and puttanesca sauce that the House of Bread markets to local retail outlets.

Consisting of simple ingredients including plum tomatoes, onions, garlic, red wine, basil, parsley, olive oil, salt and pepper, the House of Bread sauces made its formal “debut” during the House of Bread Hunger Banquet two years ago at the Annual Hunger Banquet. And the reviews were unanimous – delicious! 

Since November, sales have been brisk with the following local supermarkets carrying these products:

  • Oliver’s Supermarket, Prospect;
  • Kane’s Market, Simsbury;
  •  Highland Park Market, Farmington;
  • ShopRite, West Hartford;
  • Fitzgerald’s Foods, Simsbury;
  • ShopRite, East Hartford; and
  • ShopRite, Manchester.

The House of Bread pasta sauces are bottled under strict guidelines from the Department of Consumer Protection to insure purity. Look for them – or better yet – ask for them at your local food store. Every jar sold brings additional funds to the House of Bread so it can continue to serve the most disadvantaged in Hartford. 

             For more information on the House of Bread,                              give us a call @  860.278.3561 ext. 233

Transforming the Lives of Homeless Men Living With HIV/AIDS

Give us a call for more information: 860-244-3876 Consider becoming a Volunteer.

There's so much you can do and offer our residents. The POSSIBILITIES are endless! 


Play violin at our Giant Tag Sale!Performers always welcome
• Help us organize items donated to our Giant Tag Sale
• Help us solicit auction items for our Home Sweet Home fundraiser
• Cook a meal, deliver it to Tabor House and share dinner with residents
• Organize a drive to buy bus passes for residents
• Help us with communications (take photos and videos, write Facebook posts, input non-sensitive data)
• Help us raise money (fold letters, stuff envelopes, make calls)
• Help us transport clients
• Help us with grocery shopping
• Teach our residents a useful skill or a healthy activity
• Help with a flower or vegetable garden
• Give us a hand around the house

The Intensive Education Academy (IEA) provides a sound and appropriate education to students with Autism, Developmental Delay, Mild Emotional Disturbance, Hearing Impairment, Intellectual Disability, Multiple Disabilities, Specific Learning Disabilities, Speech & Language Impairment, Traumatic Brain Injury, Visual Impairment, Other Health Impairment, and ADD-ADHD. A five to one student/staff ratio makes it possible for all students to receive an individualized curriculum based on their specific needs. IEA offers a nurturing, small, structured setting with an emphasis on building self-esteem in a supportive environment that stimulates enthusiasm for learning.  Through assessment and development of individualized education programs students are encouraged to develop their inherent potential.

840 North Main Street, West Hartford, CT 06117 860-236-2049


A ministry of the House of Bread

Welcome to Jubilee House! Serving Immigrants and Refugees

Founded in 1997, Jubilee House is a non-profit, non-sectarian ministry of the House of Bread and Sisters of St. Joseph.

Jubilee House’s mission is to provide a holistic literacy program for underserved adult learners in the greater Hartford area with a particular focus on the literacy and basic human needs of the refugee and immigrant person, “one dear neighbor at a time,” in order for them to attain employment, acquire self-sufficiency within societal networks, sustainable independence and active citizenship.

Jubilee House envisions a world in which every neighbor is able to read, write, and use technology to experience harmony and well being, and to live a productive life.

Programs include: Refugee Assistance and English as a Second Language

Post-resettlement services became part of the mission at Jubilee House in 2005. Individuals from countries such as Bosnia, Liberia, Somalia, Burma, Burundi, Iraq,Bhutan, Turkey,Sierra Leone and Syria have come through the doors at Jubilee House. We help refugees become literate in language, custom and daily living, access medical and dental care and state assistance programs, learn to negotiate with landlords, navigate school sytems, apply for green cards and citizenship, all towards rebuilding their lives and becoming productive members of this society.

For more information on Jubilee House, to make a donation, or inquire about volunteer services:

40 Clifford Street, Hartford, CT 06114 860-247-3030

About Us

The Collaborative Center for Justice, initiated in January, 1999, is sponsored by six Religious Congregations of Women in Connecticut: Daughters of the Holy Spirit, Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery, Daughters of Mary of the Immaculate Conception, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, Northeast Community, Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame. Other Religious Congregations contributing to the support of the Center are: Daughters of Wisdom and School Sisters of Notre Dame. These Congregations represent almost nine hundred women religious and associates in Connecticut.


Rooted in the Gospel and committed to Catholic Social Teaching, the Collaborative Center for Justice advocates for systemic change and educates individuals about social justice in order to make a difference in the lives of people who are poor and alienated.


The vision of the Collaborative Center for Justice is to model a collaborative style of leadership that maximizes the strength of diverse resources unifying them in the work toward justice by:

  • developing and implementing a plan for educating women religious and others to act regarding issues of injustice,
  • advocating for people who are poor, marginalized, and victims of injustice through monitoring legislation and promoting systemic change for the common good,
  • empowering people who are poor and unjustly treated to speak and act on their own behalf,
  • developing and fostering communication links with other agencies, interfaith groups and networks engaged in social justice matters.


“Not just advocating for change, but activating change for the common good”

 Collaborative Center for Justice
40 Clifford St. Hartford, CT 06114 Phone:  860-692-3066   Fax:  860-692-3068

CONVERSATIONS INC. opportunity to be  'companioned' on life's journey. Meet regularly with a spiritual guide. Share your story, have it reflected back to you. Learn, grow into greater knowledge of yourself, and of those you love.

Housed in the Provincial House of the Sisters of St. Joseph, "Conversations INC." is a space of welcome where women, men, children and entire families have opportunity to talk about the challenges and gifts of walking through all the stages of life.

The stress and strain of keeping one's balance and integrity while dealing with realities of the workplace, loss of a job, grief, marital discord and more are common themes in the lives of people.

In a non-threatening environment, the chance to 'talk it all out', to listen for one's personal wisdom, to be challenged to go deeper into life's realities holds gifts of discovery. 

For more information on how Conversations INC. might benefit your life journey: