The way in which one consistently relates to the world and to the people who walk into and through our days might be called one's spirituality. Gifted with personal values that promote a respect for all life, the outward manifestation of a vibrant spirituality bears witness to enduring love, to personal integrity and to a lasting commitment of service so that the life of another person is enriched. A faith-based spirituality reflects Gospel centered actions that mirror the life of Jesus Christ.

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambéry live a life of prayer and actions that began with a vision more than 350 years ago. In community, we join our lives, prayers, energies and ways of serving the 'dear neighbor' as we bear witness to God’s Good News. Sisters and lay CSJ Associates can be found on Earth's five continents sharing Eucharist, the bread that is symbolic of God's Love out-poured for all humanity. The gathering of people and the breaking of bread, in all its manifestations of union, unite people with people, and people with God.

In that same spirit, we share what we have, especially with the poorest of Earth, with those disenfranchised who live on the margins of society. We desire that God’s love for every one be recognized  and that all people live out of a deep love for each other.

Developing personal skills and gifts, we discover and take up every work without limit in every challenge-filled time of history. Sisters and CSJ Associates work to alleviate injustice and bring harmony into our society.                                                              

We attempt to be a healing presence in the world, striving for right relationships. It is thus that God’s mystery unfolds in our lives and scatters like seed upon the fertile ground. Joined heart to heart and hand to hand, we share the Good News of Jesus with our world.

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