Social Services

The ministries of the Sisters of Saint of Chambéry are many and varied, not the least of which are those which fall under the umbrella of "Social Services".

Ministering to men  living with HIV/AIDS, helping to educate the young and not-so-young among the poor as well as among immigrants to our country, and working to establish peace and justice for all, presents us with opportunities to reach out and touch the many faces of humanity.

Tabor Houses I and II in the south end of Hartford provide housing for men living with HIV/AIDS. Many volunteers work with a caring staff to provide a home-like atmosphere and quality care and support to the men and their families. The goal at Tabor is to provide an environment in which residents may further their education, find employment and perhaps transition to their own homes and families. 

Also in the south end is Jubilee House, a center for learning and sharing that offers English as a Second Language classes, ongoing assistance for new refugees and so much more.

Programs and services at the House of Bread, in Hartford’s north end,include a soup kitchen with food catering services available as an added service, a learning center for mothers and children, permanent and temporary housing, to name a few. A House of Bread initiative is "Kids' Cafe", a program that serves late afternoon meals to close to 450 children at Hartford's local Boys and Girls Clubs.

Feeding the hungry takes on many forms. People 'hunger' for food, justice and for a voice to speak in their name. There is a hunger to know God and to live values that promote human dignity and self-worth for everyone. Yes, feeding the hungry may be accomplished in a variety of ways and in differing situations. There is no limit to the ways in which Sisters of St. Joseph and CSJ Associates meet the needs of 'hungering' people. 

Collaboration with other communities of religious women at The Collaborative Center for Justice, Inc. provides resources and educates members on current social issues and events, in local, national and world-wide arenas. Advocacy for the poor, the marginalized and those without a 'voice' of their own are of special interest and focus at the Center.

You can see that we Sisters of St. Joseph are always trying to discover the needs in our neighborshoods, needs that we may be able to address with the help of good friends and benefactors. Look around your neighborhood. Do you see crying needs that may benefit from the good works of the Sisters. Let us know, perhaps we can assist. It's worth a phone call, and the answer may be 'yes', we can help.

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