Human Trafficking Awareness

National Human Trafficking Awareness
Today there are 21-30 million people living in slavery, more than at any time in human history. UNICEF estimates that 2 million children are victims of the sex trade each year. The average age of a girl being forced into the US domestic sex slavery market is 13.
Pledge to do something to help end slavery.

  • What you can do to increase awareness:
o    Learn about what  the US Department of Health and Human Services' Administration for Children and Families is doing to combat trafficking.
o    Visit the National Weekend of Prayer to End Slavery and Trafficking website.
o    Gather a group and share prayer.
*    The Sisters of the Holy Cross have developed a prayer service you  may use as you wish.
*    The Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center (IPJC) offers a prayer service to end human trafficking.
o    View CBS's Living in the shadows: Religion's Response to Human Trafficking.
  • Join U.S. Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking (USCSAHT) and take action on three important anti-trafficking bills that are currently moving through Congress and need our support.  IPJC makes it easy. Visit  Click on each of the three trafficking bills listed in the right hand column.  Once you enter your contact information, you will be taken directly to the letter where you can insert the prepared talking points by clicking on them or write your own message in support of:
o    HR 1732: Strengthen the Child Welfare Response to Trafficking Act
o    HR 2283: Human Trafficking Prioritization Act
o    S. 1249: To rename the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking
Learn more about human trafficking
o    US Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking have prepared a resource on human trafficking at major sporting events 
o    Find more downloadable resources at IPJC's Annotated Human Trafficking Resources
Above information taken from the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) Social Justice Alerts