Sister of Saint Joseph of Chambery



The Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambéry have a long and excellent history as educators. Since our arrival in the U.S. from France in 1885, we have played an integral part in more than 35 schools (primary, secondary and college) in Connecticut and beyond, either opening them, or serving as teachers and administrators. We also opened and ran two nursing schools in two of our three hospitals. (see Health care section)

Current Education Ministries

Although the nursing schools are closed, as are many of the primary and secondary schools, we still serve in the field of education today through our sponsored ministries: House of Bread  and its Jubilee House  center, and Intensive Education Academy.

Individual Education Ministries

Our Sisters also serve individually as tutors, English-as-Second Language teachers, and work as needed with parishes and communities. (Contact to request these education services).