Sister of Saint Joseph of Chambery

Spiritual care

Spiritual care

Spiritual direction | Prayer Ministry

Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambéry embrace a variety of spiritual ministries such as praying with and for others (link to prayer request form), and complementing pastoral care teams in hospitals, hospice and long-term care facilities; as well as serving as chaplains and visitors to offer spiritual guidance on college campuses and in prisons.

Spiritual guidance and support

Some Sisters also provide spiritual companionship as mentors and spiritual guidance by offering a place for people to talk and share life's journey and relationship with God, and providing experiences to enhance one's physical well-being and wholeness.

Other Sisters provide support to individuals, families and staff facing such difficult situations as declining health, emergency trauma, confinement and end-of-life situations. 

Retreat Ministry

Two Sisters currently are actively involved in retreat ministry. One Sister is a member of the retreat team at Holy Family Passionist  Retreat Center in West Hartford who facilitates workshops during weekend retreats at the center. Another  directs spiritual retreats at various sites around New England and beyond. Read about her work in this blog.

Prison Ministry

As of 2020, one of our Sisters volunteers twice a month  directing a scripture group for inmates at Willard-Cybulski Correctional Institution in Enfield.